Harry's Bar & Burger

Harry's Philosophy is simple: The highest Quality Ingredients such as 100% pure Hereford beef, fresh local produce & strict health regulations = incredible taste & satisfaction. This coupled with unrivaled Craft beers = FUN

RI Primary Burgers!

Available April 1st- April 26th


Donald Trump Burger

   Jerk burger topped with double arrogant cheese & narcissist sauce

Hilary Clinton Burger

Deceitfully sneaky Benghazi burger topped with liar-liar pants on fire cheese sauce & served on a establishment roll


Ted Cruz Burger

Cheese burger topped with foreign cheese, Canadian bacon & an anti-Trump sauce


Bernie Sanders Burger

A very social burger topped with New York pastrami & socialist Swiss cheese



HARRY'S ON MAIN | (401) 228 - 7437 | 121 North Main St. Providence, RI 02903


HARRY'S ON THE HILL | (401) 228 - 3336 | 301 Atwells Ave. Providence, RI  02903


HARRY'S IN LINCOLN | 200 Front St. Lincoln, RI  02865



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